The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

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The average number of people that die as a result of falling victims to incidents involving guns is 31537, per year, which evidently is huge. The United States is a country with the highest rate of civilian gun ownership in the world. With incidents happening in the country related to guns, the issue of gun control has been a topic of debate for a really long time.
Every state in the United States has different gun laws. Many states don’t require the individual to take permission from the state to obtain a gun. On August 31, a man named Mohammad Robinson was shot and killed in Las Vegas after he got into an argument with a woman who got offended that he didn’t hold the door open for her at a McDonald’s restaurant. The women went and informed her accomplice who pulled out a gun and fatally wounded Robinson. (Edwards)
When it comes to the topic of gun control many people are pro-gun control, while many believe that banning guns is not the way. People believe that banning guns would reduce crimes but simply banning guns is ineffective. People argue that the good guy with a gun could have stopped the bad guy with the gun, but how many cases have been there where that has actually happened? No shootings have ever been stopped by an armed civilian, and the only time that it actually happened was after the crime had been committed. So it does not matter how many good guys with guns are out there, it is about stopping the bad guys from committing further crimes. There have been…

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