The Issue Of Gun Control Essay

1314 Words Dec 27th, 2016 6 Pages
Most Americans realize that the 10 Amendments produce the Bill of Rights which were made to prohibit government powers from infracturing the basic individual liberties; therefore, the changing of one of the Amendments would offset the basic individual liberties granted by the founding fathers. Many U.S. news stations and support groups portray the mass shootings, gun violence, other gun propaganda, or simply use guns, as a scapegoat to support gun control. Guns do not harm people--people hurt people (And I have no doubt that this has been said numerous amount of times) however; the implementation of gun control in the U.S. will diminish the 2nd Amendment--the right to bear arms--as well as prevent the citizens the right to protect themselves. The Amendments were placed in order to serve as a standing point to which laws are placed so that the United States of America is a Democracy and not that of Communistic behaviors. Adding gun regulations does not decrease gun violence nor does background checks ensure the safety that everyone so dearly wishes for. Violence is the overall term and gun violence is merely the umbrella term for which it falls underneath. Violence will always be prevalent regardless of what weapon or kind of violence it may be. There will continue to be deaths relating to guns regardless of what laws and regulations are passed. Deaths will still happen from stabbings, angry drivers, and beatings--violence is always there (Heart of Gun Crisis). The constant…

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