The Issue Of Gender Versus Sex Essay

833 Words Oct 22nd, 2015 4 Pages
The issue of gender versus sex is a relevant discussion in our society today. We have begun to unsubscribe from the idea that biological sex determines gender, and instead acknowledge that they are separate from one another. As we start to recognize the difference between the two, a question emerges; should we eliminate the concept of gender altogether? While gender is a socially constructed idea, it is also an important identifying agent in our world and has important cultural meaning to us. We should not eliminate gender because of the role it plays in personal identity, and society.
While there is nothing biological about gender in itself, there are aspects of gender that are influenced by biologic sex. Regardless of whether or not you believe in the concept of gender, there are biological differences between male and female bodies. Aside from external genitalia, the biological differences between male and females extend into brain development, hormones, chromosomes, and other areas. These difference attribute to different behaviors, mannerisms, abilities, an interests. While these generalizations may not be completely accurate across the board, there is some validity to these assumptions. For example, in multiple studies it has been found that females have a higher tendency to be more empathetic than males. This tendency may influence relationships, careers, and behaviors that female’s have, although this is a generalization. Gender roles are very extreme and polarizing…

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