Social-Cognitive Theory Of Gender Identity Development

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Analysis of the Development of my Social Identities: Social-Cognitive Theory of Gender Identity Development and European American Identity/White Ethnic Identity
In reflecting on the theories represented in our text in regard to social identity development, I feel that the two theories that I found the most intriguing in relation to my own development were the Social-Cognitive Theory of Gender Identity Development and the Ethnic Identity Development section titled “European American Identity/White Ethnic Identity” (Patton, Evans, Forney, Guido, & Quaye, 2016, p. 149). For both theories, I will provide an overview and also present how they related to my own development of these identities.
Social-Cognitive Theory of Gender Identity
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As the Patton et al. (2016) state, “[…] they may conform to local standers of gender expression to ensure that others see them in the way they identify” (p.183). This was certainly the case for the development of my own gender identity and expression. In terms of personal characteristics, I definitely felt female and identified as female. In terms of environmental components, I wanted my peers to also see me and affirm my identity as female. And lastly, during my teenage years, I definitely started to participate in gender-related patterns to feel that I was expressing my gender it could be …show more content…
This is problematic because they are essentially stating their lack of knowledge about how race is socially constructed in various capacities including the social, political, economic and educational and religious life (Patton et al., 2016). The most important point Patton et al. (2016) make in regard to European American Identity and White Ethnic Identity is that “The ability of people of European ethnic groups to assimilate into and conform to these three values (melting pot, American Dream, singular American identity) explains, in part, why increasingly fewer White individuals feel the need to develop a strong ethnic identity” (p.

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