The Issue Of Gay Parenting Essay

1831 Words Nov 19th, 2016 8 Pages
As I thought of an opposing viewpoint amongst society and the ethical moral values, along with the dilemmas, I decided to write about a problem I feel is still a big issue and that is Gay Parenting. Throughout generations, homosexuality was not only frowned upon, it was also repelled against and condemned. This is based off of traditions and religion acts, centuries and centuries ago, to this present day because it represents an act of sin. We are living in a different century, a time of change, where more and more lesbians and gays are coming out of the closet and openly admitting to having that life-style. Since, there is two men and two women in a relationship it makes it hard for them to reproduce children, unlike it is for heterosexuality couples, that contain the sperm and ovaries which it takes to bare a child. Now it only gives one option available for Gay men and that is to adopt and lesbian couples to either adopt or find a sperm donor. Back in history it was not alright for couples to even be homosexual because it was frowned upon and not that of true meaning of reality, especially in the eyes of God, which in the bible is stated that the family unit is made up of one man and one woman, which most religious people believe. Before and during 20th century it was also illegal to be homosexual, making gay and lesbian couples who were in a heterosexual relation and parents needed to keep it a secret in order to have and keep their family because if it was…

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