The Issue Of Ethical Issues Essay

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As stated by Hofstede (2015), country with more individualistic score tend to care more about themselves than the society. Thus, Thailand, in comparison to UK, seems to be more concern about ethical issues. This is because when ones feel that they are a part of their community, there are high possibility that they will care more about their society, and desert their personal needs (Gupta & Ogden, 2009). However, with higher power distance, a degree to which the members tend to accept inequality within society (Hofstede, 2015), Thais seem to follow and guided by inherit cultural practices, and may feel that their action can’t change unethical or inequality system. As a result, their ethical intentions may be diminished. As pointed out by Rice et al. (1996), if Thais feel that their ethical behaviour could improve the well-being of society, they will buy ethical products. Also, Chinese people tend to accept inequality and follow their norm to build ethical intention than Americans (Chan & Lau, 2002).

To clarify, culture that have different power distance, and individualism scores tend to have different ethical intention. As argued by Thorelli and Sentell (1982, as cited in Singhapakdi et al., 1999), people in developed countries tend to have more ethical consideration than developing countries. This statement is true in many literatures as Malaysian tend to accept unethical practice than US (Singhapakdi et al., 1999), and Americans often transform ethical intentions into…

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