David Brodwin's Unsustainable America

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Each person has the power to influence the world. David Brodwin (2015) in the article “Unsustainable America” describes the situation of American consumers toward sustainability compared with other consumers from other countries who are interested in this issue. Thus, Brodwin explains people’s reactions in some countries about the sustainably processed products. In fact, the article had essential points with stimulate and objective tones, but the author is biased towards America’s benefit. Consumers have ability to support environmental sustainability. Brodwin says that when National Geographic had done research about environmental sustainability, it used many consumers from eighteen countries (para.4,5). So, National Geographic found few …show more content…
In fact, the author’s bias was egocentric for Americans’ benefits when he mentioned “The data will disappoint those who believe the U.S. should play a leadership role in building a sustainable global economy” (para.3). It would be a smart idea if he talked in general about the whole world. He used important statistics, resources and examples to lure his audience. Unfortunately, he just wrote about America and his message will not be valuable for non-Americans around the world. Additionally, the author describes the situations of them by “we”, and that is not important for all people because he is looking for Americans’ benefits. Therefore, the person who is not American will feel tedious and not interested in the topic because the subject does not concern him/her.
In conclusion, the article clarifies how consumers are necessary to environmental sustainability, and they are influential in the world generally. Also, Brodwin uses Chinese and Indian consumers to compare them with American consumers, so he points out their responses. In truth, the author writes an interested article, but the article has positive and negative criteria. Therefore, if Brodwin had written about unsustainability in the world, most people around the world would be interested more in this

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