Essay on The Issue Of Endangered Species Act

2574 Words Dec 13th, 2014 11 Pages
Could the Endangered Species Act itself become endangered with the current debates? Recently, many conservation advocates and government officials think so, pointing to the proposed policy change that could make it harder for wildlife to receive protection under the Act. So, what does the future hold for the Endangered Species Act? With more than 40 years since the passage of the ESA in 1973, politicians and environmentalists alike have analyzed the realities of the Act, creating an interesting current state of debate of the conservation debate. With poor administration and provisions designed to promote good science and good sense ignored, the Act needs to change and improve to find the best middle available between the suppression of economic activity and the preservation of species within the United States. The Act now more than ever is in need of political cooperation that can both revive and reform it to best protect against future challenges and obstacles. Otherwise, the act will eventually be rendered useless due to it ineffectiveness, falsified science, and lack of consistency. In order to examine the current complications of the Endangered Species Act it is necessary to look at the history, the inception of the Act, and the debates surrounding this time period. The Endangered Species Act was signed into law in 1973 by President Richard Nixon. Upon signing the ESA, Nixon stated, “Nothing is more priceless and more worthy of preservation than the rich array of…

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