The Issue Of Driving And Drinking Alcohol Essay

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The crime of any kind is happening in each country, but some countries are successfully struggling with this, for example Canada. The Canadian government is doing a really good in fighting with all types of criminals across the country. According to police reports the crime rate in Canada in 2013 is a bit higher than 50 years ago; however, it’s reducing since 1992 till 2013 due to the technological progress. As a result of it Canada become a developed and safe country for many nations, due to the fact that Canada is the most multicultural country. Also, homicides and attempted murders started to fall since 19870s. All the data collected from official police reports and demonstrates crime rates across the Canada but those statistics are not covering all crimes inside the country. Also the question of driving and drinking alcohol is very relevant in Canada. Canada is one of the most loyal to the alcohol while driving behind the wheel (Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics., 2015)
The first piece of advice is to record all types of crimes, which happens across the country. Nevertheless, all the data that was collected by police also known as an official crime statistics. Also, exist another source collecting crime statistics, which called – unofficial which reveals a lot more crime across the country through different surveys and crimes that police have not recorded because they didn 't know about them at that time or because those crimes are small and do not have a big…

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