The Issue Of Child Vaccinations Essay

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In the last several years, much debate has been raised over the issues of child vaccinations here in the U.S. Various studies have yielded results that support both sides of the debate. At stake, is whether a parent can choose vaccines for their children, a decision that ultimately may protect the child, hurt the child, or possibly put others in the community at risk.

Upon thorough factual research, a parent has a more informed to choose which vaccines should be administered to their child knowing the true statistics of the likelihood of a child actually contracting a particular disease, and some of the harmful risks of certain vaccines, parents can better understand which vaccines present a danger to their child. With conflicting opinions in the medical research field, it is understandable how parents can be torn about whether or not to vaccinate their child.

At the heart of the debate, there are studies that show the possible harmful ingredients contained in certain vaccines. Some studies have reported local necrosis, acute hemolysis, disseminated intravascular coagulation, acute renal tubular necrosis, and central nervous system injury including, obtundation , coma, and death from high traces of thimerosal. U.S. public health agencies later collaborated with various investigators to initiate further studies to better understand any possible health effects from exposure to thimerosal in vaccines. Also, several animal studies were conducted to evaluate the toxicity of…

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