The Issue Of Breast Milk Essay

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Breast Milk Matters

The truth is, breast milk has always been the superior cuisine for babies, and while labs behind formula companies have painstakingly tried to mimic human mothers milk, artificial infant formula will never be the same and will forever remain inferior and flawed. To no surprise, the American Academy of Pediatrics, alongside most infant and women’s health organizations, recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life. The benefits of breastfeeding are plentiful and long-lasting for both mother and child and while infant formula does serve a purpose as an emergency secondary option to breast milk, breastfeeding should always be explored first and foremost. As our nation heads in a more health-conscious state of living, breastfeeding is easily becoming the prime method of infant feeding for new mothers and their little ones. Mother Nature intended for women to be nurturers. After all, feeding our babies is what breasts were created for. Bears nurse their cubs; cows nurse their calves; and cats nurse their kittens. However, oddly enough, humans are the only species who supplement our own natural nectar with lab created, GMO, artificial “milk.” Formula companies view newborn babies as potential customers and in the past, healthcare providers, working alongside infant formula companies, helped to disassemble the breast feeding norm by offering free products to new mothers as part of their hospital discharge procedure. My mother, for…

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