The Issue Of A Social Issue Essay

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(1) During the first week of classes, I remember thinking… This was because…
During the first week of classes, I remember thinking that this class was going to be a challenge. This was because I felt like I was so set in my ways that it would be hard to open my mind to other religious beliefs.

(2) Describe three specific elements of this class that were especially important/surprising/challenging to you, and explain why they were so.
1. Researching a social issue such as abortion was challenging to me because I already have my strong opinion on the topic and I thought it was going to be hard to write about religions that did not feel the same way I do. Writing these papers was very interesting and allowed me to see why some religions feel the way they do regarding abortion.
2. The weekly assignment announcement documents were important to me because they kept me organized with the assignments. This is the first online class where I had all the forums posted in the forum section since the beginning of the semester, which at first was overwhelming to see, however the weekly assignment documents broke it down and made it easier for me to plan my weeks.
3. Another challenging aspect of this course was writing my opinions in a forum in which I do not know the audience personally. I usually do not express my opinions unless I know who I am talking to, but this course allowed me to write what I felt and allowed me to get out of that comfort zone.

(3) The approach I took…

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