The Issue Of A Legal Option Exists Essay

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A legal option exists, depending on the severity of the crime, to try juvenile offenders in the adult court system. In principle, such an option makes sense, however, systemic prejudices necessitate organizations such as the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth to advocate on behalf of unfairly treated youth offenders. Case in point, young Black men constitute a highly disproportionate number of juveniles transferred to adult courts. A history of racial biases in the American court system, coupled with ignorance on the issue in the large scale political arena exacerbates the issue. With the upcoming Presidential and Congressional elections in November, the weight lays squarely on Black politicians’ shoulders to bring light to this dark injustice.
Up to and including recent history, Blacks always suffer from governmental forays into criminal justice reform; beginning with Nixon’s Tough on Crime approach and extending to Reagan’s War on Drugs—law enforcement targets the African-American community. Even in the nineties, Bill Clinton claimed to lower unemployment and create jobs for Americans, yet young white males flourished while the unemployment rate for young, uneducated Black men skyrocketed. Meanwhile, the tour de force of Clinton’s criminal justice reform swept young Black men off the street and funneled them into the criminal justice system as an oblivious American public lauded the historical statistics on the nightly news. Despite Black activists’ support of…

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