The Island Movie Analysis

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Jiwoong YOO
Ethical issues related the movie “The Island”
In the contemporary era, we are in the highly developed technical world, and we are taking huge advantage in quality of life including the medication and treatment. Corresponding to the human’s urge to live longer and live healthier, there are many researches conducted on the biological field as well. Although the human cloning is strictly restricted in these days, the movie “Island” is dealing with the possibility of future human cloning, and how it can be a problem and influence on human right. After getting an idea of human cloning from the movie, the definition of human cloning, what species, and what problems it has will hold will be researched. (Introduction
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They are known to be isolated to the polluted earth and they were provided abundance food and place to sleep. From the isolated place, the people are given a chance to do the lottery to be sent to the Island which is the only place in the earth without pollution, and they see the scene in the dream they had a happy memory in the past when they were young. Later, this is due to the plantation of non-existed memory in the reproduced human brain. Accidently, the two main characters find that they were reproduced human and they had to dedicate their organs to the same human who ordered to make a reproduced human in case they got disease. They find that there are laboratory with reproduced human embryo, and they decided to escape from the isolated place, and the military is chasing …show more content…
The organ replacement is the representative advantage to consider about. If the small amount of embryo cell is derived from the human, it can be harvested to grow up as entirely new organ which is the same, and it can be replaced to the diseased people without the reaction of antibody. It can be a solution to the infertile parent, if the DNA information can be collected from both parents are copied to the embryo, the baby will perfectly the same although there is problem on ovum or sperm for infertility. The brilliant person like Albert Einstein will be born without miraculous possibility, but as a human will to contribute to the technological

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