The Is The Most Unique Animal On The Earth Essay

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Humans are the most unique animal on the Earth. Unlike other animals, we are able to inflict war, cause pollution, and even drive some animals to extinction from poaching. The previous mentioned are just some of the many human vices that we can conflict upon ourselves and others. The damages of vices, such as pollution, can be extreme. For example, because of pollution from the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl, Russia the land is now inhabitable. However, even though our causation of pollution and causing animals to become extinct are two of important and sad human vices, the way that humans are able to cause wars are what is our biggest human vice. War has been going on for literally centuries since the foundation of the human civilization. And unlike any other species we are the only ones that can cause a mass amount of casualties over a dispute. Therefore, war should qualify as the leading human vice. If we don’t stop war than I believe that we could end up ending not just the human race but all the species on earth. With the amount of nuclear arsenals that many countries have. The human race could quite literally end itself if another conflict were to arise around two major political powers. However, taking a glance of the history of past you will find that the wars have brought a great amount of casualties for a country. To illustrate, In America’s first war, The American Revolution which occurred in 1775 through 1783, US causalities were 217,000. On the other hand,…

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