The Is The Most Popular Sport On Earth Essay

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People around the globe are more connected than ever before. The increasing mesh of cultural values, information, traditions and economics make the world a more globalized one. The globalization of societies has always been a part of human history. To those who are for it, a globalized society is a chance to reduce conflict and narrow mindedness. For those who are against globalization, it means the extinction of cultures and eroding the foundations of religion. Today’s boarders and isolated countries seem to limit the progression of a globalized community. In this essay we will examine globalization, the “us vs. them” mentality, and incorporate the views and ideas of two authors, Foer and Appiah. If you have ever been outside of the United States, you would know that soccer is the most popular sport on earth. The internationally known sport has a remarkable influence on culture. This is especially true in places like Europe and Brazil, where the sport is most popular. Author Franklin Foer uses soccer as an example to explain globalization and how countries like the United States reject the notion of change. “People with actual power believe that soccer represents a genuine threat to the American way of life (Foer).” Statements such as these give the impression that America has a cultural superiority to the game of soccer. The sport’s that are acceptable such as baseball and football, are advertised as the better alternative or the “American way”. These examples of…

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