Essay about The Is A Right Of All Human Beings

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The transcendence of traditions has been passed down by ancestors whom initiated beliefs that seemed necessary at their times. The role that woman played in past decades is significantly diverse to present times; as in the contrary, religion beliefs, have been kept by many churches. Nevertheless, selfhood has had the biggest evolution by obtaining the freedom to express personal ideas, concerns, or beliefs, throughout time.
The fact that beliefs or ideas have advanced as time has passed does not apply to all the people; there are many that still carry with their beliefs that have been previously passed to them. The evolution to selfhood can be proven to depend on the education individuals received at home. Selfhood has become a right of all Human beings, but it is still not given to a portion of humans in different countries.
It may sound infrequent the practice of slavery, but there are countries that still practice it. Commonly, slavery occurred to those with a different race, religion, or gender. Born man gave them an automatic privilege. In the middle ages, men were considered born at a higher and more valuable human nature. Slavery was under control by white man coming from high positioned families. Man who believes that by being born in a wealthy family reserved them the right to conquer the world and put down all the other human who were characterized to not deserved the right to work for their dreams, but instead to work for others helping them achieved theirs.…

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