The Is A Ridiculous Waste Of Money Essay

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Robert Reich has established a well-respected reputation and is a credible source to the public. Reich is best known for his commentary on issues within the economy, and he has attended some of the finest colleges in America. Reich wrote an article called “College Is a Ludicrous Waste of Money,’’ which interests me because I am a high school student that will be transitioning into a college student. In the article, Reich gives solutions, such as technician jobs, combining high school student’s last year into a first year college experience, and community college. Reich 's solutions could be helpful to certain individuals ;but he belittles the importance of an four-year liberal arts degree while explain his point. In “College Is a Ludicrous Waste of Money,” Reich expresses much of his opinion about college. Reich begins by saying millions of young people head to college because of the belief that college is the gateway to the middle class lifestyle. According to Reich, a four-year liberal artsdegree is outrageously expensive and a waste of time because scholars either drop out, since they are unprepared, or work jobs they are overqualified for. Then Reich proceeded to give examples, such as technician jobs, given the fact that they are rapidly expanding and becoming a major part in the world. Technician jobs are in great demand and are needed in all forms of work. Reich then continues by giving a list of technical locations that are specific to this kind of work,such as:…

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