The Is A Good Thing Essay

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Hospitals, Mortuaries & Cemeteries can be upsetting: This is true for many Empaths, the sense of death, sadness and Trauma can be crippling at times. Especially if there is left over energy from someone passing.
Told you are too Sensitive: Empaths are often told they are too sensitive, inasmuch can often become rigid and cold, or self medicating. Being sensitive is a good thing. It means you are more in tune to your surroundings and Source or God. Be grateful for this beautiful gift. Because we are truly lucky beings.
Negativity overwhelms you: Empaths are susceptible to Negativity either we swim in it or it brings us down. If you are unaware of your Empathic abilities you may often be drawn to Negativity and Sadness as rescuer. But when you being to understand Negativity then you often being to flee from it because you are now more astutely aware of the ramifications on yourself.
Strong Intuition: Empaths are feeling in nature, and through these feelings we have a greater sense of people and our surroundings. We are keep observers due to being able to match energy and in doing so this gives us the ability to accurately attune to what has happened or what is about to happen by the use of our intuition.
Sensitive to Stimulants and Medication:
Environmental Sensitivities: Sound Sensitivity, Smell, Bright lights, and Fabrics. Everything has energy and everything is energy and when Empaths are over stimulated it can wear us down. But at the same time very invigorating…

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