Essay on The Is A Doctor Of Veterinary Medicine

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A DVM is a doctor of veterinary medicine. The veterinarian should possess a four-year undergraduate degree and a four-year graduate degree in veterinary medicine from a CVMA- or AVMA- accredited school. The DVM must be licensed by the state in which he or she is seeking employment. This license must be obtained from successful completion of the state and national examinations and paying the required license fee. It is the primary responsibility of the veterinarian to diagnose and treat sick and injured animals. The veterinarian is, also, responsible for providing preventative and general wellness care to patients. It is the duty of the veterinarian to prescribe medication and maintain current knowledge about prescribed medications. Necessary skills include, but are not limited to, the ability to perform physical examinations; interpret results from examinations, radiographic images, laboratory tests, and other diagnostic processes; perform surgeries, such as spays, neuters, dental extractions, fracture repairs, declaws, Cesarean sections, and so on; provide care to lacerations and various wounds; administer vaccinations and medications; determine hospitalization needs; and communicate effectively with clients, regarding the health and wellness of their pets. The DVM’s responsibilities include developing a detailed anesthetic protocol and humanely euthanizing patients. The veterinarian must practice ethical medicine in accordance with all codes and laws. The…

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