The Irrelevant Speech Effect And Its Impairment Essay

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The purpose behind this experiment is to see the Irrelevant Speech effect and its impairment on your ability to retain memories of a task due to an irrelevant background noise or speech. The question being posed here here is does a change in language cause an impairment on your ability to retain memories? The study went about solving this by conducting a test on a college cognitive psychology class using an application based off of ISE. The conclusion to this study was that the class supported the overall global data so it provided a significant finding supporting the theory that this study was seeking.
The Irrelevant Speech Effect (ISE) is the impairment of your ability retain memory of a task due to an irrelevant background speech. (LeCompte & Neely & Wilson 1997) This impairment is something that we can see in everyday life whether it’s a person on the bus who isn’t able to concentrate on her work because of the man sitting next to her on his phone. This Effect was brought about by Baddley’s Model of working memory. His Model Proposes the existence of a central executive subsystem this controls the flow of information between subsystems and the persons long term memory and decides where one’s attention will be at any give moment. “This effect has been found to impair performance in serial recall, free recall, immediate cued recall, and immediate probe recognition tasks” (1997) Baddeley’s Model has provided a pathway for a new population interested in this idea of the…

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