Summary: The American Military Adventure In Iraq

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The very first sentence in the books Executive Summary is “The situation in Iraq is grave and deteriorating.” (Page xiii), according to the books introduction the aim of The Iraq Study Group Report is to have both the U.S. and Iraq emerge stronger than before not as separate nations but as allies. The beginning of the report is nothing if not grim. Ever since Suddam Hussein’s regime was toppled multiple insurgencies formed. The main problem of which was that the insurgencies had no leader but instead were and are “a network of networks” (page 4). While they are all different and diverse it was strongly agreed they were a majority against the U.S. led coalition forces/occupation. In addition to the multiple insurgencies, there’s the constant conflict between Shia and Sunni Muslims that has lasted for thousands of years in the region. The report argues that the Shia majority is aiming to hold on to the power they have held for over a thousand years. While the Sunni minority is confronted with a paradox of wanting the U.S. military gone, but facing the Shia militia insurgents who are kept back by the U.S. forces. From there the book drives toward the economics of Iraq, how it is slowly rising thanks to foreign imports it …show more content…
That the United States under the Bush Administration was to eager to enter the war, and suffered at misinformation and lack of to justify the war. How according to the Iraq study group that now the United States was in Iraq they couldn’t just up and leave the country after turning it upside down without fear of retaliation. Each of these books are about the Iraq war and the United States involvement in great depth, each with its similarities and differences creating the picture of the Iraq we see today and how we could have changed

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