Essay on The Iphone : The Best Smartphone

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When the iPhone was introduced back in 2007, it became a successful product in a short amount of time. It offered many features that other competitors did not offer and was just a more appealing cell phone to buy. However, as time progressed, many of the iPhone’s competitors began to offer the same features as the iPhone and some even surpassed the amount offered towards customers. Now in 2015, it is difficult for one to say which exactly is the best smartphone due to the variety of options. Even though other companies like Samsung and HTC have compelling phones, I believe the iPhone is the best smartphone as of right now. The typical customer buys a smartphone with the expectations of it lasting for at least two years or more. Some do not have the luxury of purchasing a new phone every single year and are required to keep the phone originally purchased. With the iPhone, the idea of a phone lasting for more than two years is more likely to happen. Typically, Apple supports their older iPhones for a quite some time. The iPhone 4s, which was released back in 2011, is still getting supported by the latest software and security updates, as the same day as their newest devices like the iPhone 6. This means regardless of the age of the phone, Apple will continue to support its phones and give them the same consideration as their newest iPhone, which adds on to its longevity. In addition, what makes any phone last for more than two years is its ability to run and operate smoothly…

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