The Invention Of Wine By Ancient Iran Essay

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He is credited with bringing or enhancing a wide range of technologies. Some of these inventions and improvements included advancements in the religion, arts, sciences and social patterns on which civilization is based.
The weaving and dyeing cloth made of wool, linen and silk.
The use of chemistry to make perfumes and wine. The invention of wine according to Persian legend, occurred when the king banished one of his wives from his kingdom. This caused her to become despondent enough to wish to take her life. She went to the king’s warehouse where she found a jar that contained the remnants of spoiled grapes that were deemed undrinkable. What she thought was poison was simply the product of fermentation. After drinking it she discovered its effects to be pleasant. When her spirits were lifted she took her discovery to the King, who was pleased.
Yima encouraged the construction of houses with fine brick masonry and the use of architectural plans. Ancient Iran was a large region which included Afghanistan, Central Asia, Eastern Iran and Pakistan. It was divided into many kingdoms known as Khshathras “habitation authorities”, so the reach of these innovations became widespread.
The mining of ore and the manufacture of armor and weaponry, was needed to protect the new cities. Also the mining of jewels and precious metals. Sounds like the beginnings of king jewelry.
The navigation of the waters of the world in sailing ships.
He influenced sacred clothing like the sudreh, a…

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