Essay on The Invention Of Tractors And Other Machinery

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J This also leads to machinery on farms being timesavers. The invention of tractors and other machinery made it possible to work more land in a shorter amount of time. This is very evident as one drives by a large field. It doesn’t take long to realize that doing the work of harvesting the wheat on foot takes substantially more time than using a combine to do the work. Another example is it is estimated that a four team horse hooked up to a plow would take at least 55 hours to plow a forty acre field. A tractor with a 25 foot disc attached could plow this same field in about an hour. (“Comparing Agriculture" 1) All this being said about machinery replacing people and being timesavers leads to machinery increasing production. Farming is one of the oldest professions, But machinery has developed so much that less than two percent of the population of the United States works in farming or agriculture but they are able to produce enough food for the other 98 percent. It is said that a single grain farmer can harvest enough grain to provide cereal to feed over a thousand people. With an ever-increasing population, machinery advances will remain important to increase food production.("Agricultural Technology." 3)

Farmers also use genetic engineering on their modern farms. Genetic engineering, also known as biotechnology, is taking a gene from one plant or animal and inserting into another to make a better, more desirable trait in the plant or animal.…

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