Essay on The Invention Of Industrial Agriculture

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Have you ever wondered how industrial agriculture started? What caused the agriculture industry to really start growing? Or even what lead it be the way it is today? It started when Cyrus McCormick introduced the first mechanical reaper just six weeks after he conceived the plans, built, and tested one. Industrial agriculture could well be said to date from the time of 1831. Although there may be others that say different, this one is the first recorded. In this industry there are other things that have happened in industrial agriculture to help make it what it is today. One other thing that was invented and helped change industrial agriculture were tractors. In 1892 in Northeast Iowa, John Froelich invented the first successful gasoline-powered engine that could be driven backwards and forwards. The word “tractor” wasn 't used in those days, but that 's what it was. Problems have occurred since then that have caused disputes and friction between groups of people and places. The industry may be made out to be bad at times but that goes with any industry. All have their ups and downs. Industrial agriculture can cause problems but at the same time could resolve some.

Industrial agriculture causes problems that might not just affect them but a lot of other people. Some people or places are more affected than others. The agriculture industry can also cause disputes between groups. Agricultural businesses suffer economic harm because of actions of the press. Undercover…

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