Essay on The Invention Of Henry Ford

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Henry Ford is not an inventor but innovator who changes things using his own idea or by collecting ideas from other people to make it more efficient. He becomes famous and well-known people, as he is the founder and owner of the Ford Motor Company. Ford also known with his modified car, known as Model T that also lead to the introduction of automated assembly line and the vertical integration of the manufacturing process. All his works are the modifications from the existing technology in the automobile industry.
Henry Ford did not invent the car; he produced an automobile that was within the economic reach of the average American . He modifies the existing car to accommodate the people in 19th century to own cars because cars at that time is very expensive and has too many defects. Ford produced the Model T cars after 12 years the first American car has been introduced because he knows what kind of cars that Americans want as he writes to The Automobile magazine that “the greatest need today is a light, low-priced car with an up-to-date engine and it must be powerful enough for American roads” . He provides ideas, design and concepts and his friend draws on blackboard before criticizing them and makes changes until they feel satisfied. He uses trials and errors method where he learns during his childhood times and he has shown his passion with machines and gears since he is small because he uses watches as a textbook to learn the rudiments of machine . A model T car is one…

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