The Internet: Is It Changing The Way We Think?

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Our sources for information can range from books, novels, articles, encyclopedias, and of course the Internet. The Internet is equipped with a multitude of knowledge from word definitions, articles on Greek mythology, biochemistry notes from different parts of the United States, and so much more. All of this information can be found with a click of button and results come pouring in, in the millions. Because we encounter all of these different ideas and articles on the Web, how does it affect us in how we think? With the help of novelists, neuroscientists, psychologists, and writers we will see how much, or how non-existent, the Internet affects the way we think and our physical brain. Nicholas Carr goes further on this question in his essay “Is Google Making Us Stupid” in the Atlantic; he …show more content…
Churchwell is a firm believer that thinking habits have certainly evolved since the start of the Internet, but that is as close as she gets to the topic of the brain (475). In comes Naomi Alderman a novelist who, simply, explains in her excerpt in “The Internet: Is It Changing The Way We Think?” that whatever you put in something you are bound to get out of it. Alderman uses the analogy of food and the human body, no matter what you eat it, in some way, will alter and change your body (476). Other than Carr’s essay, we are presented with hard facts, a study to be exact, in the video “How The Internet Is Changing Your Brain” that shows how college students think about completing assignments. The video explains that when you believe that something is easy, you don’t give it much brainpower because the Internet will be available to solve your problem with not a sweat to break. However, the video goes a little further and explains how relying on the Internet can affect you critical

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