The Internet And Its Impact On Society Essay

1300 Words Oct 29th, 2015 null Page
Today we as a culture spend more time using the computer to learn, meet and ask. Is this a bad thing or can this expand our knowledge and bring new inventions to our society? In 2011, Americans connected to the Internet more than ever before, it was a time of expanding our knowledge as individuals. Computers were dropping in price and making it so most american families could use the internet, the Internet is what holds everything it 's a vast computer network. It can link smaller computer networks worldwide. The internet is separated into three main subjects which are commercial, educational, and governmental. Using the internet has brought us many ways of learning and sharing ideas. Websites such as Wikipedia and Reddit live off of people 's questions and new ideas. Although most of the internet can be used for good, such as learning a new language or finding where the nearest coffee shop is. Many websites can also be harmful to the user such. Cyberbullying, Hacking, Identity theft, and so much more are examples on how the internet can negatively affect someone in the physical world.
The first ever mechanical computer was created by Charles bandage in 1822, it doesn 't really resemble what most computers are today. In 1822, Charles bandage began developing The brain of the computer. The brain of the computer was called the “Difference Engine”. Ada Lovelace was the first computer programmer of her work at the time, helped built it. The early computers were limited in their…

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