Positive Aspects Of Technology: How Technology Impact Our Lives

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Effects of Technology There is constant change in technology, and people should adapt quickly to these changes. Technological changes lead to economic and social consequences which impact our lives both positively and negatively. The internet is one of the technological inventions that have heavily impacted our existence. The internet has influenced different aspects of our lives due to the integral role it started playing in the society. One of the positive aspects of internet is that it has created employment opportunities for many people all over the world. Companies are employing web designers to create appealing websites. Software engineers are hired to develop internet applications for various companies worldwide. The founders of social …show more content…
Parents can communicate with their children via email and other social media networks. Students too can communicate with their lecturers and fellow students through emails and social media platforms. For example, WhatsApp application that uses internet makes it possible for people to communicate with others. There are many internet-based tools that may be used to communicate with each other without necessarily calling. The internet has revolutionized the ways in which people communicate with their friends and relatives. People no longer depend solely on cell phone calls to pass information. One of the disadvantages of the internet is that children can access sites with sensitive information when using the internet. Children may find it easy to access websites containing adult content because there are no restrictions. This leads to moral decadence because children may start engaging in sexual activities at a tender age as a result of acquaintance with pornographic materials in the internet. This influences teens’ sexual behavior, making them vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases and early pregnancy for young

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