The Intern By Nancy Meyers

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In the movie, The Intern, written and directed by Nancy Meyers, Ben Whittaker is a 70-year old retired man who has lost all interest in his retirement and decides that he would like to get back in the business world. There happens to be a senior citizen internship opening at a local online retail business headed by a young woman by the name of Jules Ostin. Ben is an old school type of guy who enjoys wearing suits everyday and even carries a handkerchief in his pocket just in case a damsel in distress ever needs to wipe her tears. In the movie, Ben is a very popular person due to his ability to help out anybody who needs it and give great advice when asked. The person who Ben finds the hardest to become acquaint with is Jules Ostin,
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The scene starts off with Ben heading into Jules ' office in order to meet her for the first time. While Jules is fixed on typing on her computer, Ben says, "Hi Jules. Im Ben, your new intern," with a smirk on his face (Meyers, 2015, scene 2). She responds to him by talking about how she won 't have a lot for him to do and a transfer to another department may be better for him. She judges his character by saying that the new place will be a, "slower pace" (Meyers, 2015, scene 2). Ben replies with, "If that’s what you prefer," but then goes on to say he can help anyone and would not like a transfer (Meyers, 2015, scene 2). Accidentally, Ben calls her, "sir," and immediately regrets it by looking down and shaking his head (Meyers, 2015, scene 2). Jules then accepts that he is going to stay on prompts him to leave by telling him that she will email him when she has something for him to do. Throughout this entire scene, their interactions stay completely …show more content…
The viewer was able to see the transition from superficial interpersonal communication to deeper personal communication between the two characters. SPT can be applied to events that take place outside of this movie based on the similarity of communication events that happen inside this movie and events in real life. You may meet someone in life very similar to either one of these characters, and if you choose to self disclose information about yourself, you can expect the same results that happened in this

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