The Instant Gratification Monkey's Thoughts: Analysis

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I live alone. So, the other day I decided that it was about time I tried my cooking skills. Damnit, my cooking is horrible, I am gonna have to keep eating outside until I am “legally” married. So, I cooked. Then, I settled down to eat. I ate in like thirty minutes and then thought:

“I am gonna relax for a few minutes and then wash the dishes…”

I turned up the music and continued listening to whatever the Migos were shouting between the beats even though I understood very little of it.

After listening to my music for what seemed like ten minutes to me, I checked my watch because I was feeling sleepy as hell. Damn, I hadn’t been listening to the music for 10 minutes. It was already 23:07. I had to confirm the time on my phone in order to make
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And then there is youtube. Wait, there is that memes page on facebook!”

The instant gratification monkey always thinks that human beings are insane.

In his little monkey world, he has everything already figured out – sleep, when you feel tired, eat when you feel hungry, and never do anything difficult, – you are as successful as monkeys ever get in their world.

The problem with the procrastinator is that he is living in a human world and not in a monkey world. This makes the instant gratification monkey an intruder. However, the rational decision maker had a lousy trainer. He taught him of how to only make rational decisions and never how to put on a spirited fight and win against the instant gratification monkey. The only thing he does is feeling worse and worse about himself for losing fights that he didn’t even fight in the first place.

It’s a mess in there. Inside the head of a procrastinator. The monkey is in control. The procrastinator is forced to live in the monkey world which is something like this:

The monkey

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