Consequences And Contention: The Short Story Of Procrastination

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The fact of procrastinating is to postpone the most important tasks that are a priority with ongoing distractions that later in time can result into a disadvantage by costing one to feel angry and guilty with themselves because the consequences can be dissatisfactory. Procrastinating is a plague that everyone has done at least once in their lifetime that not many admit to suffer from because the reality is that they have obstacles in their life that impedes them from recognizing the indicators that has lead them to procrastinate. By reflecting and considering all hurdles in one’s life, procrastination can be dealt with and defeated, in which can make a person’s life free from stress, sleep disorders, colds, and pain that can be caused by procrastination. …show more content…
I recall that day as if it were yesterday, it was the last week of school and I had an essay to turn in on a deadline, which was going to define by the percentage of my overall grade if I was going to successfully accomplish that school year to go onto twelfth grade. I had perfect grades on all my four classes, except that one. I was desperate, I had only completed half of my essay and procrastinated about the rest of the half. At that time, I remember sending my teacher a lot of electronic messages because I was enrolled in a virtual school, where I couldn’t explain to my teacher my situation face-to-face. Long story short, my teacher gave me an extra week to complete my essay along with all its punctuations corrected. I was relieved, but reflecting on my experience, I learned that it’s not good to procrastinate. My delay to turn in my assignment by the due date didn’t mean that I was a lazy person, it meant that I had fear of failure. I was too afraid of not passing that class, thus; I almost had to repeat the same class with the same teacher all over again for two

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