The Information Officer Of Alliance Essays

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In this particular case study, the chief information officer of Alliance would like to utilize the POS system to its fullest capabilities. There is a need to better track the number of sales for a various products. Alliance is attempting to utilize the same data across the board and this is not working successfully. There is a definite need for the organization to look into some customization options. The organization needs to perform and intensive analysis and audit of the POS system and how it is currently being utilized in the practice of business.
According to Simon, the POS data measures the last part of the supply chain - how much product the ultimate end-users purchase (Simon, 2008). This is the backend of the supply chain, so there are other measures to be determined for different points throughout the process The POS allows for measures used in forecasting such as orders and shipments (Simon, 2008)
Alliance needs to review and address the needs of the consumers and whether they are being met in a timely manner. The determination needs to be made if the process is timely. The company needs to track trends and patterns across the organization in its entirety. Once this is done, decisions need to be made on data per location that is gathered. The goal should be to identify store patterns from the various locations and in doing so the organizations will be able to utilize the information to suppliers based on consumer preferences. Alliance currently uses…

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