The Influence Of Personalities

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The one thing that differentiates 7.3 billion people from each other is their personality. No one has the exact same mindset, thoughts, or emotions at the same time, which is so intriguing. Personalities can come from a mixture of genetics, childhood experiences, or the environment that surrounds someone.

I personally believe that my personality developed solemnly based on how I was raised. Looking back on how my childhood took place, I realize that my mom has had a strong impact on how I act today, which is a negative influence unfortunately. My parents split when I was two, so I never knew what it was like to have both biological parents together and having that loving environment. My dad ended up joining the Army and was sent to his base
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I try to avoid conflict at all costs, so I will shove my innermost feelings down to the core of myself rather than sharing them with someone I might hurt. If I hold back from sharing my feelings though, people get confused and question me. They tell me just to “cry it out” and say “it’ll be okay” as if it’s easy for me to let everything out in the open. I was in a relationship awhile back and everytime this guy asked me what’s on my mind, I would just say “nothing” because it’s a short response and usually he would just respond “yeah right” then shake his head. Then one day he asked me what was on my mind again, so I said nothing like always, and he lashed out on me. He was so confused why I kept everything to myself. He hated that I “bottled” everything in, so then that was the first person I ever opened up to about anything. It takes a lot out of me to let someone in my mind, because I feel like once they know what I’m feeling, then I’m not such a mystery anymore. I was always told I was mysterious. At first, I kind of was offended by it but now I like being a mystery. I enjoy being the person someone can’t put their finger on and figure out. I’m like a never ending

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