Christian Influence On Christianity

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Through the religions discussed thus far, I thought Christianity would have been the one I was most knowledgeable about since I attend a Christian church. However, I was intrigued when educated on Jesus’ upbringing and his role in the creation of Christianity. Previous to reading World Religions: Western Traditions, I was not aware that Jesus was born a Jew. I was also surprised to learn about Jesus’ birth. He was born in Bethlehem which is a small town southeast of Jerusalem. His birth was very humble as he was born in a cave. I found this interesting because ever since I was a child I would see pictures and figures displaying Jesus’ birth in a farm like house. From the beginning, Jesus was a miracle. Mary, although a virgin, gave birth to …show more content…
Most importantly, as stated above, Jesus was born a Jew in a small town outside of Jerusalem. His apostles in the earliest years were also all Jewish. Christianity was recognized as sect within Judaism. Also, Christians and Jews are both monotheistic. Just as Jews believe in one God, Christians also do too. However, Christian’s God is composed of three beings (God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit). The Jewish faith in one God shaped the Christians doctrine of their God. Another influence of Judaism on Christianity that is well known is the messiah. This means “anointed” in Hebrew. For the Jewish people, the messiah’s arrival will be the gathering of Israel’s dispersed tribes and restoration of the David Kingdom. Moreover, Christians believe Jesus Christ has fulfilled the role of the messiah and his death and resurrection allowed all mankind to be saved by God. Furthermore, the Jews use the Hebrew Bible which is an integral part of the Christian Bible. It is clear to see that Judaism plays an important part in Christianity. I believe Christianity would not be what it is today if it did not partly stem from

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