The Influence Of Crime In Criminal Minds

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“The Crime Problem” has always been a topic of interest among Americans. For whatever reason, the bloodier the crime, the higher the interest and the more people there are looking for information. According to much research collected over the past three decades, “particularly heinous crimes have tremendous appeal for the media” (Dowler, et al. 842). In order to receive the most updated crime news, Americans turn to the media; newspapers, magazines, news stations, and social media. While the media is a strong resource to obtain information, it is not without its flaws. No matter one’s news source, there will always be some sort of bias mixed in with the information. For example, because of the high level of interest in violent crimes, traditional crime shows such as Criminal Minds base episodes around violent criminal acts. Portraying crime this way gains viewers, even if the pieces of the show fail to stay true to the realities of crime. Traditional crime show dramas such as Criminal Minds portray crime as gruesome incidents committed against innocent victims by …show more content…
Victims in these shows are often attacked in broad daylight in their seemingly safe suburban neighborhoods. As the crime drama stereotype suggests, all the women in this episode of Criminal Minds were attacked during the day while doing a normal activity such as working out or cooking. In addition, at some point before or after the attack, pictures of the victim with her family were shown. By presenting victims this way, viewers are able to connect with the victim, making the viewer feel as though their chances of becoming randomly victimized are more likely than they actually are. The viewers begin to think that if a rich person in a nice neighborhood can be attacked in the middle of the day, then the viewer is equally likely to suffer the same fate (“Plain

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