Black Lives Matter Case

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The questions must be asked, did people make their assessments of guilt based on the information provided by the media? No one person is perfect and we all have flaws, however, when those flaws are shown by the media as a reason someone is guilty or innocent of a crime that truly short-changes our justice system and it confuses people who are charged with the responsibility of determining if the person was guilty of innocent of the crime.
The media use their own criteria to determine if they will work on a case, “a criteria that can influence, often implicitly the selection, production and prioritization of events as news. Key news values include drama and action, immediacy, violence, celebrities, and sex.” (Greer, 2007).
There has to be a
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Unfortunately, the media created such a division, that people began to fight over racial issues and not the facts of the case. A protest movement called "Black Lives Matter" arose from the incident. People who have tried for years to erase racial bias where back in square one. The media loved the attention this case provided.
The problem was that although the media was getting exposure in this case, people began to let their prejudice out and obstacles that people have overcome where front and center in the middle of this controversy that was created by the media. People let their anger do the talking and everything that people had learned throughout the years, was set aside to let the anger and hate take over. The racial issue became bigger and now people were fighting and things were getting ugly, which gave the media more to talk about.
People need to realize that all lives matter. There is not one life that deserves to live more than another. The media tries to create issues out of cases that are nothing but a huge misunderstanding by the time the case has gone to court, the case has become a media
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The media finds ways to exploit a story and create their own version of the truth. The problem with that theory is that the truth does not have versions. The truth is simply just the truth.
The advances in the criminal justice system and the way that media has exploded in recent years, with the addition of social media there is a lot of information out there, some information is good and can help us all, and however, some information is really bad. Media should not be using its powers to divide people and creating racial wars, or allowing people to think that law enforcement is out to get them. The media should respect people’s rights to present the best defense without prejudice. Once people begin to lose faith in the media, the media would have to take a hard look at the way they do business.
The media should be held accountable for any report that is not the truth. It’s sad that if a person makes up a story they can end up in jail for it, however when the media makes up a story they get promoted until other networks find out the truth and then the anchor gets

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