The Influence Of Autism

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In 2004, according to autism speaks 1 in 3 boys were diagnosed with autism. It was stated that autism was more prevalent in boys than girls. Those numbers have drastically changed. Today, 1 in 68 children and 1in 42 boys are affected by autism. Boys are nearly 5 times more likely to have autism than girls. The prevalence of autism is growing and is one of the fastest growing developmental disorders in the United States. There is no medical detection for autism and no cure.

Many people do not know what autism is. Autism is a developmental condition that is present in children from early childhood. Autism varies by the individual and there is also a wide range of classifications with autism. There is ASD which is stand s for autism spectrum
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Andrew Wakefield of Gastroenterology felt that the M.M.R vaccine that is the measles- Mumps and rubella vaccine was unsafe and the cause of autism in children. From Wakefield’s observations a child from 12 to 15 months old that has been vaccinated are affected with autism. At a press release in 1998 Wakefield stated how he observed children that were vaccinated and children that was not. Wakefield also compared stages of development and children that was vaccinated were delayed with speech and gross motor skills opposed to children that were not. Many parents agreed with Wakefield’s hypothesis and lot parents stopped vaccinating their babies. The medical review board revoked Wakefield’s license due to inaccurate and no concrete evidence. They also revoked his license due to unethical violations and for putting special needs children at risk. Wakefield later recanted some things he stated. A lot of parents feel vaccinations are the cause of autism, especially parents that children were fine until being vaccinated. So, now there has been a decline in vaccinations. This a double edge sword effect because yes, you are avoiding your child from getting autism, it if they do not get vaccinated they can catch the measles, mumps or rubella and can …show more content…
It is very challenging especially the behaviors. For example the temper tantrums and emotional meltdowns. All three components can play role in children being affected by autism. I am not certain, but I do feel like vaccines are the culprit. My son is now eleven years old was diagnosed at three years old. He was talking and doing fine then all of a sudden his developmental progress started to descend. I had to work hard it get him on the level he is at now academically and just functioning in life period. I have helped so many parents get services for their children. I am now working on openly my own non-profit organization for children with special needs. Going to school, working and having a special needs child are difficult. I manage with the help of my mother.
I examined all three theories of what could be the cause of autism. There is no concrete evidence to the disorder however; we know it has to be a crucial component to the cause. In conclusion we need to find the cause or cure for autism. There are so many children and families that are affected by this now epidemic. A lot of parents do not know what to do or how to get

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