The Inequality Between Men And Women Essay

2016 Words Dec 1st, 2016 9 Pages
Cheyenne Wagoner
Professor Wheeler
English 101
Women in combat
Over the years, inequality between men and women has become a very diverse debate. It really starts to get interesting when specifically talking about women standing next to men soldiers who are ready for war and victory in frontline combat, in the military. There are women in this world that has proven that they can amount to what men can do such as being mentally, physically and morally capable of leading combat-type situations but are women cut out for the “target and destroy” role on the battle field? I think not. My concern is a question of longevity. Women simply should not be allowed to be involved with frontline combat duty on the battle field because of multiple reasons like their military readiness, moral & cohesion, and abuse by enemy.
Military readiness is a condition that defines the degree of preparation each branch of armed forces has to carry out the combat mission assigned to it. Armed forces should be prepared enough and be capable of beginning active combat operations at any given time or place weather on land, in the air or even at sea. Because of this, armed forces need to have a high level of military readiness every single day. The military readiness involves having a stock of supplies, a required staff strength, and a high state of training. The problems we face with women and military readiness is that there are too many situations that could affect a women’s ability to…

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