The Industrial Revolution Was The Start Of The Modernization Of Hard Labor

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The Industrial Revolution was the start of the modernization of hard labor. This came into existence in rural areas in England in the 1700’s. During this time Britain experienced many social changes, which affected the families of the working class. Minorities in England were the source of making the Industrial Revolution possible. The U.S.A. took notice and wanted to make a profit off England and expand their goods by developing factories. This was a great way of making money and easing the lives of individuals in society. The Industrial Revolution was the start of economic progression for society, but it was a viability and inviability for the poor and working poor. (
The Industrial Revolution was a major change for society. This brought improvement in the production and trading of goods and transportation. The purpose of the Industrial Revolution was to improve the lives of society, because it provided advanced resources such as factories banks and transportation. Although, there were varies of changes and developments this had a great impact on the poor and working poor. The poor and working poor were left to work and live in grim conditions, because of low income and not having enough experience to keep a job.
The lives of the individuals who were around during the Industrial Revolution were mostly simple and not so…

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