The Individual With Disabilities Education Act Affects The Classroom

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Introduction This paper will discuss the Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), how it applies to special education, the group it applies to and how it affects the classroom. Secondly, it will define inclusion. Then, it will discuss the importance and impact, and the benefits and difficulties of inclusion on special education, as well as how it affects the classroom. Lastly, this paper will discuss the affect of stress on the families of children with disabilities, and provide available resources.
The IDEA was based on a belief that all children can learn. This act changed special education by providing five main things to students with disabilities. The five provisions of this act are: all disabled students
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I believe that inclusion is the best way to provide this to a disabled student. To better understand inclusion, it is important to first look at the definition of it. Inclusion is a way of teaching where all students are accepted for their unique abilities and included in a general education class with age appropriate peers and provided special support, when needed, in the general education class (What Is Inclusion?, n.d.). Inclusion impacts the special education services by requiring the special education and the general education teacher to work together when teaching a special needs student. Although inclusion requires collaboration between teachers, I believe that its greatest impact is on the students with or without disabilities. Inclusion for both of these student types improves self-esteem, academic performance, and social behavior, but most of all it provides a method for learning awareness of other’s needs and a way to respond to them (What Is Inclusion?, …show more content…
To be a resource for a parent, a teacher must take the time to get to know the student and the parents. Through the use of this knowledge, the teacher will be able to assist before the stressor becomes overwhelming and help by pointing the family to the resource that they may need. One of the most important responsibilities of a teacher is to be supportive (Emotional Reactions to Disability, n.d.). To provide the best assistance to the families of the disabled students in my class, I will need to work closely with the special education teacher. This collaboration will allow the parent to draw from the expertise of two teachers as well as provide the greatest support. Ultimately, the best situation is collaboration between the parents, the special education teacher, and general education teacher (Consultation and Collaboration, n.d.)

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