Essay on The Indian Circle

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Indian Circle is a sculpture made from individual stones. These rocks are not just thrown on the floor and called “art”, they are arranged in a specific pattern, forming a circle triggering thought in the viewer. The colors used in this artwork are natural due to the fact of stones occurring natural in earth: these could be called earth-tones. Different hues of brown are mostly visible, along with some reddish hues. These stones are set out in the open of a large sized room on the floor, nothing else is around or goes with this sculpture. A viewer can walk right up next to this art work. There were not very many tools used, if any to make this piece. The only reason for tools would be to change the shape of a stone. This artwork would be considered conceptual art because the meaning of this piece is “more important” than just stones arranged on the ground. Many questions arise when looking at this such as; what does this mean, is there symbolism, and why is it named Indian circle? I personally feel like this artwork was meant to convey several different feelings or meanings when thinking about the title and how the stones are laid out. It seems to me that being an artist creating a piece of art that conveys so much meaning and spark so much though would be more difficult than a painting like still-life for example. According to a website regarding Native American symbols, “Native American Indians were a deeply spiritual people and they communicated their history, thoughts,…

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