Nipmuc Tribe Essay

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Here in the United States, there are a number of different Native American peoples. One of these is the Nipmuc tribe, which spans central Massachusetts and part of Connecticut and Rhodes Island (Thee, 2006, 636). The Nipmuc tribe consists of three separate bands known as the Wabaquasett, the Hassanamesit and the Chaubunagungamaug (Sacks, 2011). They have a history, nonmaterial culture, material culture, and a role in U.S. society that is both unique as well as shared with other Native American tribes. Although they are not officially recognized by the federal government, their history is deeply intertwined with our own, and their culture remains alive today. The Nipmucs were one of many Native American tribes who were some of the original …show more content…
They are part of the Algonquin family of language and customs, but also retain a unique cultural context of their own ("Nipmuc," n.d). Like other Native American people, the Nipmuc enjoy social, cultural, and spiritual gatherings known as powwows, which usually involve drums and traditional dancing ("Nipmuc," n.d.). The tribal drum plays an irreplaceable role in their culture, and they even have a legend that explains its importance ("Nipmuc," n.d.). According to the legend, the early Nipmuc men could not get along with each other. As a result of the constant fighting, the Nipmuc women abandoned their villages and swore not to return until they could get along again. The men went off into the woods to pray to the Great Spirit so they could ask for help finding harmony. A lightning bolt struck a nearby oak tree, turned into a large white deer, and promised to grant the men a gift that will help them find peace. That gift was a deer hide, which the men stretched over what remained of the tree. Drumming on the hide and singing with each other brought the men together, and the women promised to watch over it as the protectors of the drum. The nonmaterial culture of the Nipmuc people is certainly fascinating, but they also have important material items that are just as

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