The Inconvenient Indian -essay II

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The Inconvenient Indian –Essay II
Imagine you are one of the sailors on Christopher Columbus’s voyage to cross the Atlantic Ocean in route to the East Indies. At 27 years of age you’ve lived your whole life in the small town of Andalucia as a sailor. Like most others in the region you grew up worshiping a Christian God and praising the monarchy that governs you. Two months have passed since you have left port and at last you reach shore. A lush green horizon that unfolds in front of you as you step upon the lunar shores. What do you see? Terra nullius, or a land unowned and unmanaged? That’s what these men who landed there in 1492 believed they were gazing upon. Ecstatic, these men thought of how great it will be to populate the land with the same values and ideas instilled in them growing up in Spain. What they didn’t realize was that past that line of wilderness was an entire society with developed governments and an enforced rule of law. Like ourselves they lived this way for centuries and they possessed their own wisdom that differed greatly from that of our Christian monarchy. This is the idea of Indigenous knowledge. These Indigenous people have their own ways of doing things and have been doing those said things for centuries prior to us arriving in the new world. As represented by the book “The Inconvenient Indian” by Thomas King, as well as the movie “Smoke Signals” and other supplemented readings in the class this disregard of Indigenous knowledge can be blamed…

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