Essay on The Incarnation Of Jesus Christ

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Incarnation is, at its essence, embodiment. When we speak of “the incarnation” we talk of Jesus as the embodiment of God’s heart and mind – God’s love and wisdom (God’s Word) made flesh. According to first chapter of Hebrews, God, after speaking for generations through the prophets, chose to speak “in the flesh” and in doing so “made purification for our sins” (Hebrews 1:1-3 CEB). The Incarnation of Jesus Christ is the full and final revelation of God’s self to the world. Jesus, in the flesh, was God’s presence on earth.
In my ministry, I have learned another dimension to the incarnation. The same Spirit that indwelt Christ indwells each and every follower of Jesus. Another aspect of Christianity as an incarnational faith, is that we continue to incarnate God’s love. We become God’s presence as the Holy Spirit works in and through us so that God’s love is made incarnate through each of us and through us collectively as the Body of Christ.
I saw this concept become reality on a hospital visit a couple of years ago. Donald began attending First United Methodist in Florence (FUMC) as a part of Shepherd’s Table – a ministry that feeds those in need and includes a short worship service. Donald soon became a part of FUMC as a whole. I was taking him home after he helped with a local school outreach and got a message that one of our elderly members, Pearl, was in ICU. We were close to the hospital, so I asked if he would mind if I stopped there before taking him home. He agreed…

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