The Inca Impire Essay

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Molly Ammerman
Cultural Anthropology 207
Dr. Carrico
Essay #3

The Inca Empire Before and After The Spanish Conquest

The Inca Empire developed in the 1400’s in the city of Cuzco, Peru. They thrived up through the 1500’s, until the Spanish conquered the land. Originally, the Spanish conquest was not harmful, but eventually the Incas lost more and more power until they finally collapsed. You could say the Spaniard’s got lucky, finding the civilization at a time when they were weak from various battles within their own people. The Inca’s political and social structure was, in fact, not that different from that of the Spaniards, however, they were able to manipulate and play the Inca’s trust in order to gain power and take over their
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The landowners would also participate in some of the labor, with men plowing the fields and women doing the housework. These chiefly landowners were referred to as panaqas, and their non-chiefly laborers ayllu. The civilization slowly began to transform into a large Empire prior to the invasion of the Spaniards. The new hierarchy was as so, “The highest official was the emperor, who ruled by divine right and was worshipped as divine during his lifetime. Immediately below the emperor in the administrative hierarchy were the ‘apo, or prefects, of the four quarters, the largest territorial divisions of the imperial state; they were collateral kinsmen of the emperor, close relatives who belonged to the royal corporations and resided in Cuzco. Below them were governors, the toqrikoq, who resided in various provincial capitals that were built at strategically important locations across the empire” (Morris 1973; Morris and Thompson 1985) (p. 75-76). However, the civilization was still stable with these new rankings, and a tributary mode of production that included the lower class was still present at this time. The Spaniards invaded the Inca territory in 1531. The conquest was lead by Francisco Pizarro, a fairly uneducated Spaniard, who, with the help of his four brothers (and army) was able to conquer an entire civilization throughout the course of a few decades. When they invaded from the 1530’ s-1570, the tributary form of production

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