Why Is Writing Instruction Important

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What is Writing Instruction Anybody can pick up a pen and write. However, a good writer typically doesn’t just learn to write on their own. Writing is a task that involves explicit instruction. When we think of writing we typically think of just putting words on paper. However, writing is so much more. Writing is being able to gather information, thoughts, opinions, arguments, etc. and organize it a way that is comprehensive to a specific audience.
Why is Writing Instruction Important Writing hasn’t always been as relevant as other subjects inside the classroom. It is often briefly covered and sometimes not even taught. However, writing instruction is just as important as any other subject. Not only is it important to teach, but it is essential
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If students don’t know these things beforehand, then providing feedback becomes pointless. (Brookhart, 2012, p.25)
As with almost anything, when wanting to improve, effective feedback is required. This same thing applies to writing. Students can write and write but if they never receive effective feedback then they probably won’t improve as much as they could. Teachers need to understand that effective feedback is more than just saying, “Good job!”. Feedback needs to be based on individual students and their needs. It also needs to be comprehensible, positive and presented in a way that the student can use it immediately to enhance writing skills. (Brookhart, 2012, p.26)
Nobody wants to complete a task without knowing what’s expected of them. In writing, teachers should incorporate their expectations for student writing by using rubrics. Rubrics allow students to write while knowing what’s needed within their writing to develop a well-written piece. Not only does a rubric set the expectations for the students but it is also a learning tool. The students can use the rubric to help them organize their work understand important components of writing. (Saddler & Andrade, 2004,
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Most importantly, they must be taught how to properly use the internet and how to remain safe while doing so. For example, not exposing personal information about themselves to others. Once students are aware of the do’s and don’ts blogging can become effective and a fun way to display and learn writing. (Davis & McGrail, 2009, pp.75-76)
Writing instruction is just as important as any other subject. It is important to incorporate so that students can succeed in interpreting and developing writing as an adult. All teachers should incorporate writing instruction. When doing so, it is essential to remember to provide effective feedback and rubrics along with making writing a fun experience. In my future classroom, I plan to keep these things in mind. I will provide effective feedback to each of my students and provide them with a rubric that they can use to learn as well as know what is expected of their writings. I believe that blogging is a fun way for students to learn and I would love for my students to publish their work for others to see while also learning from others. Writing instruction is important in schools and it is up to every teacher to make sure that writing instruction increases and is not deemed as being less important than any other

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