What Words Mean To Me Essay

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Words have a way with me. Some would say I got the expression backwards, but I can’t explain it any other way. Ironic really for a word enthusiast, but the things that mean the most always seem above the words that describe them. A passage leaves a more lasting impression than a piece of art. A novel can strike an awe into me that is bigger, brighter, and more fantastic than the night sky itself. I’m just a word addict in every sense of the term, devouring any book in sight, listening to TED talks when I’m not reading, and sometimes, stringing words together myself. Words have always been a part of my life, but I did not always know that they were God’s instrument to me. From the time I was around four years old, I was an avid reader. I vividly remember spending my afternoons piling books upon books, placing them next to me and refusing to leave my seat until the pile was gone. I wrote rather embarrassingly bad stories on the …show more content…
I have a connection unlike one I had ever had before with God. I become someone much more eloquent and graceful in the presence of God and well, a keyboard. With these writings, prayers, and ideas I create with God, it gives me something to work towards. Also, this has helped me find God in my everyday life. I have become an observer. This has allowed me to see and appreciate all of who God is. I can see him in the glinting rainbow in the oil puddle in the Rite Aid parking lot. He lies behind my mother’s eyes when she kisses my sister goodnight. He is weaved into the music playing from my earbuds. He is typed in with my favorite book. He exists in even the darkest of places because shadows only show that the light is shining somewhere. He is everywhere and realizing this is one of the greatest blessings I have had the privilege to receive. I have a form of inspiration that leads me through my everyday life and is a crucial part, and my favorite part, of who I

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