Analysis Of Pauline Letter Second Thessalonians

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Kamille a servant and confident follower of Jesus Christ, to Paul, apostle of Christ Jesus, through the will of God Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I give thanks to our God for your passion for God and Christ. I am thankful for your vast knowledge and understanding of being in Christ. I am also extremely grateful for your letters that comprise the New Testament. Thank you for your teachings and for your inclusion of the Gentiles in the holy movement, for without your works I may be without God and Christ. I pray that God strengthens your works and that clarity and unity you desired for followers of God occurs. The present argument for my letter is to entreat you to clarify the disparities between …show more content…
Second Thessalonians are great examples of what Biblical scholars such and Dr. Fowler and Borgan and Crossan believe is pseudonymity. “Some authors assert that a mention of Pauline letter is an indication that 2nd Thessalonians was intended to Replace 1st Thessalonians.” Second Thessalonians 2:1-5 is a suspicious warning to the reader to be cautious of deceitful letters written by “us”. Moreover the style, tone and overly stated finally greeting are not reminiscent of Paul’s writings. Likewise, within the letters that scholars are confident you wrote are small additions that Dr. Fowler biblical scholar of the twenty-first century believes a scribe that was copying 1st Corinthians added passages 14:33-36 This passage is contradictory to your teachings of equality. Previously, you state within Christ there is no longer Jews and Gentiles, male or female, slave or master. Unfortunately within the text about prophesying and spreading knowledge is the misogynistic passage of women being silent in the church. The vast majority of everyday Christians accepts these teachings as yours and faced with mixed emotions in regards to your teachings. The lack of continuity in pieces like the latter, further complicates the already misunderstood and misinterpreted Christian Bible, especially in western society. Incoherence in writings

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